Concrete Joint Application

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The Chino Dry Sleeve Dowel Bar was developed to assist the construction industry for its use in concrete jointing applications.

The Chino Dry Sleeve Dowels can be used in such applications as Bike Paths, Footpaths, Concrete Pavements and Industrial Pavements.

Dry Sleeve Dowels can be used for Expansion/Contraction joints in a continuous concrete pour method and/or stop work method. With its innovative and patented design for use in concrete applications, it's not hard to see why the Chino Dry Sleeve Dowel Bar is the right choice for your concrete jointing needs.

Features & Benefits of the 'Chino Dry Sleeve Dowel Bar':
*        manufactured in Australia
*        tested by the University of Qld, and Vipac Engineers & Scientists for a 25 year life simulation
*        moisture proof protection of dowel bars
*        injection moulded from virgin grade polypropylene
*        easy to install and unique design
          *        built in 8mm diameter clip locks sleeve to reinforcing mesh, preventing movement during a pour
                    and during service life of joint
          *        pre-fitted nails supplied, fixed to formwork thus can be reused
          *        circular mounting flange with reinforcing gussets ensures sleeve remains perpendicular to formwork
          *        external protrusions lock sleeve into concrete
          *        unique sleeve design moisture proofs dowel bar
          *        allows for continuous concrete pour method and/or stop work method

For further detailed information on steps, installations and application types, please call us on 1300 729 826 or email .

The Chino Dry Sleeve Dowel Bar has been tested at The University of Queensland - Department of Civil Engineering and Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd, Melbourne.

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